Wearing your luxury leather shoes in the rain

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Leather has some particular characteristics that make this material especially good for shoes, such as strength, durability, longevity and style. Leather can be used in all types of shoes, like sneakers, pumps, sandals and boots. Leather shoes are a good investment, especially if you choose to buy a model made with luxury materials and high quality manufacture techniques. 

So, winter is here and you don’t want to keep your lovely leather shoes in the back of the closet because you worry about their limited usage during the rainy season, which brings mud and humidity. After all, can you, or can you not, wear leather shoes in the rain? 

Yes, you can wear your luxury leather shoes in the rain! 

Answering the question, yes! You can wear your leather shoes when it’s raining outside, as long as you take some precautions. Leather, especially the good one, is a material that soaks water quickly. When the humidity dries out, it can cause some slight damage, like little cracks. In spite of that, leather is the strongest material when it comes to resistance to water. Not only luxury leather shoes, but all genuine leather ones will dodge any water damage and avoid any wrinkling. 

But, what happens to leather shoes in the rain?

Technically, nothing happens. However, letting your leather shoes get soaked in the rain is no way to take care of your investment, especially if you try to dry them out too quickly with a hairdryer or a heater, because extreme temperatures can lead to permanent damage.

So, don’t be afraid to put on your favorite leather shoes when it’s raining outside. Here are some tips. 

Let your luxury leather shoes dry naturally 

So, your luxury leather shoes got soaked in the water. First step, don’t panic. Step number two, as soon as you get home, don’t let the leather shoes completely soak. 

We recommend that you help your shoe dry a little, removing the excess moisture with some fabric, or journal paper. This is a habit you should try to acquire: getting home, dry your shoes immediately. Then let it dry naturally, the skin has that ability.

Most of all, don’t use a hairdryer, or an electric heater, to accelerate the drying process. This will only deteriorate the leather and lead to deeper and more permanent cracks. 

Be careful with puddles

This may sound like common sense, but it’s worth the reminder when it comes to making your luxury leather shoes last longer. If it’s raining or has been raining, try not to step on puddles. Stepping into a puddle may saturate your luxury leather shoes with water or mud. Avoid damp mud, because when dried it is harder for the shoe to breathe.  

This doesn’t mean that it will ruin your leather shoes, it will only make the drying process a little longer. 

Don’t forget to polish your leather shoes

If you like your leather shoes or want them to live longer, you should polish them regularly. Even more in the rain season, when the leather gets humidity and mud. We recommend that you invest in a good brush and polish, so you can get better cleaning results. 

We’ve already talked about how to clean and maintain your leather shoes always bright and perfect. Take a look at it and follow our recommendations for better treatment of your shoes. 

Where do you storage your leather shoes? 

Stop for a second and think about where you typically store your leather shoes, after using them in the rain. 

It’s not recommended to leave the leather shoes outside, even if the space is covered and protected from the rain, because the moisture from the air will end up in your shoes, saturating them with water.

Place your shoes in a cool, climate-controlled environment that is neither too dry, nor too humid.

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