Portuguese leather shoes: 4 reasons to love them too

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At PH Shoes, we already assume that we’re big fans of made in Portugal shoes, especially the leather ones. Starting at the high quality of the materials and all the production process and finishing of an extremely sophisticated shoe, there are several reasons to love Portuguese leather shoes. 

In today’s post, we’ll share with you four reasons that will make you fall in love for the luxury footwear made in Portugal. PH Shoes doesn’t take any responsibilities for the love stories that may appear after reading this post.  

1. Handmade Portuguese shoes? We got it!

Our Portuguese leather shoes are made by the hands of experienced artisans that have dedicated a lifetime to the art of making high-quality shoes and who know like nobody else the magic of producing such stunning footwear.

This means every pair of shoes is carefully made and analysed, making sure that the final product is nothing less than a shoe of excellent finishing. In an heavy automated and industrial environment where shoes are massively produced this wouldn’t be possible. This means that every handmade shoe is created with the full attention of the most experienced hands and eyes.

2. Made in Portugal 

In the last few years, the tag “Made in Portugal” has gained certain importance and prestige and Portuguese footwear has the boldness to assume itself like the “ Europe’s sexiest industry”, which we must say we have to agree. Today, the Portuguese footwear industry is well known for its prestige, quality and amazing design. 

But, did you know that was not always like this? Portuguese shoes had some difficulties in the past, but the times changed and today the “Made in Portugal” tag is a synonym for high quality, amazing design, prestige and sophistication and, whoever buys them, knows that will get this and much more in a single pair of shoes. 

At PH Shoes, we already talked about the journey of Portuguese shoes and what factors allowed such a big change and evolution in the industry. Take a look at post The Journey of Portuguese Shoes”.

3. Made with the best material – leather! 

To achieve the high quality that we already talked about is necessary to adopt a complex production process, that guarantees that all the materials come together as one in perfect conditions. But before that, the materials need to be carefully chosen to have some specific features.

That’s why we’re such big fans of leather shoes. Leather is a very resistant, comfortable and very hygienic product, because the material can breathe and doesn’t accumulate any bad smells or unpleasant fungs.

Overall, the leather used in Portuguese leather shoes is carefully selected and treated in the best way. The leather treatment depends on the type of footwear, style, and the occasion on which it will be worn. 

The handmade process of working the brightness, colour and finishes is highly complex and involves the quality of the production, both in materials and techniques, and all the know-how acquired over the years with a modern vision of how to make footwear.

4. They’ll last a lifetime 

As we said above, leather is an extremely resistant material and with some care, it can last for several years, which makes leather shoes more economic, even with the higher initial investment in a luxury handcrafted product. This initial investment ends up being diluted for many years, because you won’t need to buy new shoes every year, unless you really want.

Besides that, leather shoes are timeless. They’re always a trend and a synonym of good taste and elegance and you can wear them with different looks and in many occasions: a day at the office, a night out… You name it! 

To enjoy the leather shoes for several years it’s necessary to take some care and precautions. Remember our post How to clean and maintain your leather shoes always bright and perfect: a step by step guide”.

These are only four reasons that make us fall in love with Portuguese leather shoes every day. In our online shop, you can discover some shoes that have all these features and many other. 

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