How to clean suede shoes: a care guide

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Suede shoes are a must-have! Comfortable, stylish and never out of fashion! However, with time and use, they can wear out and need some more care and attention. 

The good news is that cleaning your suede shoes is much simpler than it looks and can be done at home. The result is your beautiful suede shoes lasting longer and in their best condition. In today’s article, we’re offering some cleaning tips for your suede shoes.

Before we start, it’s important to follow the tips below very carefully. Before trying any of them on the entire shoe, try only a small part of the shoe and see how the suede reacts. 

Remove the laces from your suede shoes, if applicable

If your suede shoes have any laces, you should remove them. This makes it easier to clean the entire surface of your shoe carefully and the laces can be cleaned separately.

Start brushing, but gently! 

With one hand, hold the inside of your shoe, while you use the other to lightly rub the shoe with a small brush, not too hard, or it may cause some damage. Here’s an important tip is: make sure you brush only in the direction of the fibres and avoid moving the brush back and forth on the surface.

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If your shoes have mud and dirt marks, don’t panic! You’ll be able to clean your shoes at home without having to take them to a professional and still get the perfect result.

Before removing the mud, allow them to dry completely. Then, remove any soil you can with a brush. If your shoes are completely dry, you should be able to remove all the mud relatively easily.

Curiously, the watermarks on the suede shoes come out with water. With a brush, wet the shoe’s surface until they are evenly moist. Wrinkle some paper and place it inside the shoe, so that it absorbs the remaining moisture and shapes the shoe to its rightly. At PH World, we’ve already talked about How to Wear your luxury leather shoes in the rain. Take a look!

But what if you don’t have a brush to clean your suede shoes? We highly recommend that you invest in a brush because the cleaning results are better, you don’t run the risk of damaging the shoe and this will make your suede shoes last for many years. However, if you don’t have a brush, use a spare toothbrush, remember not to scrub too hard.

Another product that will bring good cleaning results is a suede rubber. Two other products that can help are micellar water and vinegar, but it really depends on the color of the suede. Two parts water and one part white vinegar are recommended. Micellar water can also help remove stains. 

As mentioned above, try these techniques on a small part of the shoe and see how the suede behaves. Only then you should proceed to the remaining surface of the shoe.

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A little extra care for your suede shoes

Oils made especially for suede shoes will give your shoe an even more beautiful look. This is one of the main reasons why we love this material so much: with some care, suede shoes can last for many years always looking brand new.

If you have any questions regarding the treatment of your suede shoes, we recommend that you consult a shoemaker. Yes,  it’s possible to clean and do their maintenance at home, but a shoemaker gets suede shoes like nobody else. Consult a shoemaker especially if you find a knot especially hard to remove.

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