How to clean and maintain your leather shoes always bright and perfect: a step by step guide

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Leather shoes: the best choice! 

Shoes can be made with a lot of different materials: rubber, textile and even cork. Each material has different features that make them perfect for a particular occasion, or season of the year.

For many reasons, here at Patrícia Henriques we are big fans of leather. Leather is a natural and breathable material that allows the feet to breathe, reducing the humidity and preventing the proliferation of bacteria, fungus and bad odours. Besides that, leather is very a durable material and, with a little more care, it can last several years in perfect conditions. 

Leather has a lot of other qualities that make it our very favourite material to work with. Leather shoes last longer and don’t need to be replaced for some time, they are comfortable, easy and fast to clean, very resistant and do not tear up easily. Moreover, leather shoes are never out of fashion and spread elegance, charisma and good taste.

In today’s post, we will give you a step by step guide to show you how to clean your leather shoes and make them last for several years. Whether you have a classic men’s shoe, one of our no gender ankle boots or a women’s model, this guide should work for you.

Step 1

With a small brush, clean all the dust and dirt. We recommend the use of a specific brush, like a horsehair model. Gently rub all the surface of the shoe, taking special attention to the folds and welt areas of the sole.

Step 2

With a small piece of cotton fabric, massage the leather with small circular movements. We also recommended the use of a specific lotion or cream, that will clean, hydrate, and moisturize the leather. Besides that, a special lotion will open the pores of the leather and preparing it for the next step. 

Step 3 

Apply the cream specially made to treat the shoe. The cream will clean, nourish, color, shine and protect the leather. Make small back-and-forth movements with some special care between the edge of shoes and the sole. Let it dry. 

Step 4

Brush all the surface of the shoes with a polishing brush, removing the excesses and giving it a special shine. 

That’s it! 

Now you have the recipe to beautiful leather shoes for many years. This is a general guide, but will work just fine for any type of leather shoe, except suede.  However, if your shoe has specific recommendations, It’s best to follow those particular instructions.

We strongly recommend to have some specific products, like a horsehair brush and a lotion. They may look like an unnecessary investment, but they will certainly make a difference and keep your shoes as new for many years.

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