Patrícia Henriques is a Portuguese footwear brand.

It was born of the dream of Patrícia Henriques, with a career in consulting, which after being a mother felt it was time to move forward with her project of creating comfortable footwear that was both elegant and sophisticated.

Passionate about fashion, she creates small shoe collections handcrafted in Portugal, with the finest materials and delicate details, culminating in a very rigorous process that gives a unique and special character to each pair produced.

A mother of two, passionate for meeting people, places and cultures, she seeks to travel whenever she can, looking for new textures, colours, and designs in the places she cherishes.

The brand combines quality, comfort and exclusivity, bringing to the market a luxury product in very different collections, sometimes disruptive, that seek to reflect the different facets of what we are and where we want to go.

By the stylist Pedro Crispim, who collaborated with the brand in the capsule edition “Urban Jungle” in 2018, it is introduced for the first time the “no gender” concept, becoming a part of the brand designing models that can be used by anyone, from size 35 to 47.

Pedro Crispim’s consultancy for the brand in the design and sourcing of materials has been maintained in a continuity perspective for this type of models, resulting in fantastic products that help fill a gap in the domestic market in what concerns the “no gender” offer.

Patrícia Henriques thus seeks a close interaction with professionals related to fashion in the national and international markets, who contribute with their vision to the design of new models. Those collaborations take place throughout the year, in small events the brand organises.

Patrícia Henriques brings the latest trends and luxury novelties from the national and international markets to her footwear brand, using only the best materials sourced from Portugal, Italy and Spain.

Each pair is handcrafted, in the greatest detail, almost as if it were a work of art. The high quality leathers, the crystals, the metal application and manual finishing of the soles are a very specialized and thorough work that gives each product a special and unique character.

Patrícia Henriques is an environmentally and socially responsible brand, which seeks to maintain a minimum stock in order to avoid waste and works only with companies that provide decent working conditions.



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