Spring outfit ideas to use with your leather shoes

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Despite the current circumstances Spring has come, bringing good weather and the willingness to use lighter and fresher clothing. Besides that, Spring also brought the usual unpredictable weather: one day it’s sunny, the next it’s rainy, and sometimes we get both in the same day. 

See our PH Shoes suggestions of leather shoes for this season. 

Glam Army Ankle Boots 

Glam Army

The Glam Army ankle boots are the shoes that you’ll not let go of soon. Designed with a timeless silhouette, these heeled ankle boots feature a slightly extended shape with a sharp pointed toe for a leg-lengthening effect, which looks fabulous on women of all shapes and heights. 

These Portuguese leather shoes are handcrafted in a fabulous moss-coloured suede, for a sophisticated and modern feel.

But the key factor of these ankle boots is the strips covered with Swarovski crystals, which give a modern and sophisticated look to the woman wearing it because it’s such a luxurious component that makes this shoe unique. 

The bold cutouts on the ankle perfectly match the strips with crystals. 

Combining this shoe with silver or diamond-coloured piece it’s everything you need to create a luxurious look that stands out in any situation.

Safari Suede Ankle Boots

Safari Suede

The Safari Leather Shoes are perfect to complete any look from the classic and discreet, to the modern and appealing. These shoes are made with a slightly exaggerated shaped in a beautiful camel-colour suede. Despite the robust and firm appearance, the Safari Leather ankle boots are capable of offering hours of comfort. 

Bold harness detailing at the side adds an unexpected edgy touch, pairing perfectly with the luxurious gold-tone for a sophisticated feel. Wear them with simple trousers and a blouse, that look can really get a lot more interesting and become a sophisticated one when you add these ankle boots.

Imagine also that super-feminine dress, a maxi bohemian dress, a romantic dress that will give your look a new twist.

Or rock them with that “no gender” clothing that we all have in our closet, a pair of dark solid jeans and a white t-shirt for a relaxed look. And then that super masculine look, the work suit. These boots will get your colleagues attention the moment when you enter the office. 

Wild Affair

Wil Affair

The Wild Affair Leather Shoes are the perfect shoes to wear on the coldest days of Spring. As is common, Spring is the beginning of summer, but it also has cold and rainy days. On those days, what you want to wear is something that helps keep your feet a bit warmer and dry during the day or night, while keeping you comfortable.

Leopard-print gives a bold look. Whether for a night out or a day at work when you feel particularly confident. You know what they say “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.

Animal prints, like the leopard, look great with neutral colours. Wearing a total black look with animal print leather shoes conveys confidence, sophistication, elegance, and luxury.

Wild Affair ankle boots look especially good with jeans because of the sophistication and elegance of the animal print providing a relaxed and youthful sparkle. The perfect balance.

Andreia, Scarlett and Nicole Shoes

The vibrant colours and patterns of these shoes and their elegant shape, make these shoes the star of any look.

Because their pattern is bold, the pieces that come with these shoes can be more clean and smooth. On the other hand, if you like bolder and audacious looks, why not? This type of shoe pairs well with every look.

Pumps Andreia

The Andreia Shoes can be combined with a black and white look, but they also make a statement with pieces in nude, beige and earthy tones. You can even combine them with gemstone tones for a luxurious look.

Wearing Scarlett Shoes ensures that you will be the centre of attention. With a simple short dress or more sophisticated trousers, this is a shoe that will catch every eye.

Pumps Scarlett

Just like Nicole Shoes. Combine them with a little black dress, for an interesting evening look. Or, complement an office outfit by combining them with a pair of simple black pants and a flowy blouse. The truth is that any look you wear will have a special twist when you put these shoes on.

Pumps Nicole

It is important to remember that all of the shoes suggested above were carefully handcrafted using the best materials for a truly luxurious feel and appearance. The reinforced insole brings additional comfort, making them perfect for long days at the office, or fun nights in the city.

Keep in mind that until April 30th, all models have a 20% discount. Just use the STAYSAFE code at checkout.

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