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Gone are the days when men only wore basic shoes, without personality, identity, or twist.

Until a few years ago, men didn’t take any risks when it comes to shoes. They chose the same brown or black basic shoe, with the same color shape and pattern every year. Nowadays, men have as many options as women and have access to bold, audacious shoes. 

The change of paradigm 

Nowadays, men worry much more about the way they look: what clothes they wear, what shoes they use, and they take care of their beard, hair, and skin. 

Today men are open to try new looks and new options for clothes, with different colors and shapes. They’re not afraid to show their true personality, to let go the stigmas and to experiment different looks.

Some brands launch shoes in larger sizes so that could fit men, and that’s a strong statement: men are also allowed to be sexy, to wear different shoes and express their personality in the shoes they wear every day.

Patrícia Henriques Shoes: some suggestions

For men who are looking for a classic all-black leather shoe and for those who are chasing a unique type of shoe, PH Shoes has a set of leather shoes available up to size 46, from the simplest to the most unusual. 

Elevation: the classic black leather shoes 

Elevation is the classic black shoe, a timeless model that is never out of fashion. Black leather shoes like Elevation allow you to put together more classic and formal looks.

The Elevation is a low heeled shoe carefully made in parma leather, with a shiny finish for a touch and luxurious look. The insole used adds comfort and the leather sole features an embedded non-slip TPU piece for fantastic traction.

Elevation are a classic black leather shoes for men.

Sexy Hunting: leather shoes with a twist

The silhouette of the Sexy Hunting shoe is, on one hand, classic and timeless and, on the other, modern and bold, thanks to the slight heel and the elongated silhouette. The slightly extended silhouette and the low-heel add a leg-lengthening effect with a pointed toe for a slimming appearance and a lot of comforts. 

The Sexy Hunting Shoe is part of the Urban Jungle Collection. It’s a model that stands out thanks to the fantastic leopard print, which combines perfectly with the contrasting patent trim and laces. 

The Sexy Hunting Shoes is made with cow leather with leopard print effect, and the insole is made of leather, with high impact latex and the sole is also made with leather, with non-slip TPU embedded. Together, these three elements make this an amazing shoe: maximum comfort, maximum quality and incomparable style.

Sexy Hunting are the classic leather shoes for men, with a little big twist.
Sexy Hunting

Give Me a Ride to the high fashion city!

Give Me a Ride it’s part of the Urban Jungle Collection. Bold yet elegant, it’s a boot that doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Designed with a classic silhouette, these boots feature a slightly extended length with a sharply pointed toe and a mid-height shaft for a sturdy yet stylish appearance.

Bold silver-tone hardware pair perfectly with edgy chain detailing wrapping around the front of the ankle, creating a sophisticated and modern appearance that is destined to remain in style for many years to come.

The timeless look of these ankle boots makes them the ideal complement for any outfit, giving a contemporary touch to any look.

Give me a Ride is the perfect leather shoes for bold spirits.
Give Me a Ride

In addition to these options, PH Shoes has a set of ankle boots that match the most daring and bold spirits, who like to escape the routine. 

At Patrícia Henriques each pair of shoes is handcrafted using the finest materials.

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