We provide a customisation service that enables you to design the shoes of your dreams. We do more than presenting a set of standard options, as we discuss with you what you want in detail, so that we can put forth the best suggestions. We accompany you in your most special moments, if you need shoes for your wedding, your birthday, for a special date, or simply because you want to pamper yourself.

Based on our models, you can, for instance, choose the leather colour, customise the sole with an important date, select a new decoration, or choose a different heel.

We only accept exchanges and returns of products that were not customized.

After submitting and paying the order, you have 72 hours to make any changes you want, after which time the order can not be corrected or canceled.
Depending on the complexity of customization, your shoes can be delivered in 4 to 8 weeks.

The art of customizing is the exclusivity it will give you.



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